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Collegiate Way

Collegiate Way International (CWI) is a world-wide association of university colleges. It was founded in Durham, UK in 2014. Its mission is to support university colleges around the world and promote the collegiate way of interdisciplinary scholarship, academic integrity, civic awareness and humility.

The initial Collegiate Way conference brought together over 80 participants from over 8 countries united in a shared vision for higher education. At the conference's conclusion it was decided that the organisation should continue to lobby for the importance of the collegiate system internationally, offer a free online resource and organize a scholarly conference every two years to share best practices.

In 2016, selected, peer-reviewed proceedings from the first conference were published in the volume The Collegiate Way: University Education in a Collegiate Context.

Later in 2016, the second Collegiate Way International conference was held in Canberra at the Australian National University.  Paired with the annual University Colleges Australia conference this event saw over 120 participants and was an unqualified success. 

Preparations are now underway for the third Collegiate Way International Conference to be held in February 2019 at Rice University in the United States of America.

CWI is managed by a Chair and an international advisory board.  The current Chair is Dr. Michael Eamon, principal of Catharine Parr Traill College at Trent University in Canada.


Collegiate Way International Advisory Board 

Chair -- Dr. Michael Eamon, Trent University, Canada

Dr. Kate Baier, New York University, USA

Professor Tim Burt, Durham University, UK

Professor Greg Clancey, National University of Singapore

Professor Martin Dixon, University of Cambridge, UK

​Professor Martyn Evans, Durham University, UK

Mr. Jamie Gilbertson, University of Otago, NZ

Dr. Barbara Green, University of Melbourne, Australia

Dr. Ken Gricich, New York University, Abu Dhabi

Ms. Linda Kasper, University of Georgia, USA

​Mr. Chris Massey, University of Western Australia

Professor Stephen Rayner, Oxford University, UK

Professor Mark B. Ryan, Yale University, USA

Ms. Melanie Sedge, Trent University, Canada

Professor Tom Symons, Founding President Trent University

What is Collegiate Way International?